running the command: mvn openmrs-sdk:setup

Hello everyone. I am trying to set up the openmrs sdk. after downloading all depentencies: JDK 1.8, Maven, mysql 8.0. after running succesfully the commands: mvn org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:setup-sdk and mvn openmrs-sdk:help

I just couldn’t manage to run a server, using the command: mvn openmrs-sdk:setup

I have mysql server running, and a database I made called example. (the server is located in another directory) here is my logged cmd: (I am using windows 10)

@mortub i see your using mysql 8, can you downgrade to mysql 5.7

You could also take a look at the password you specified, and whether your server is running. if your doing this for the first time, your server to tend to stop sometimes, you can check it as you are running

I simply downloaded the 5.7 mysql version and it worked! Thank you so much, I didn’t know it would make such a big difference!