Running OpenMRS source code to start webapp

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Question: On going to webapp directory (with MySQL 5.7 running alongside) and mvn jetty:run, I get the following errors

mvn clean install was success but mvn jetty:run failed (it had worked previously and I don’t know what went wrong now) It says build failed due to Failed to execute goal org.eclipse.jetty:jetty-maven-plugin:9.4.25.v20191220:run (default-cli) on project openmrs-webapp

Can anyone please help me with this

@gaurivgn So the error says that port number 8080 is already in use. Nothing big you just need to stop any other server running on the same port number and restart the terminal. If nothing works just restart your computer. I hope this’ll help

Alternatively you can run lsof -i:8080 , to list the process (pid) running on port 8080.

Then kill the process with kill <pid>

which operating system are you running,could you just simply stop the service running at port 8080!!

You can also just do mvn -Djetty.http.port=8081 jetty:run. This will run Jetty on port 8081, but you can pick any port that isn’t already assigned.

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