Running fhir2 tests as JUnit Tests

hello all;

On running the tests in my eclipse IDE as junit tests i get this error which seems to be a failure to load the applicationContext,even minus making any changes in the code.

Any insights & thoughts on what could be causing this.

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Am actually facing the same error logs, @gcliff ,did u first run with mvn -U

Yeah i did that

Sure i think thats a common problem with failing tests since there are some new changes You can also take a look at my unresolved compilation problems though after runnung maven test seems different

@gcliff We make extensive use of Lombok to avoid writing too much default code. This does, however, require either ensuring your IDE is just using maven directly or installing the appropriate IDE plugin. The Lombok plugin is bundled with IntelliJ (IIRC, or at least it automatically prompts to install it if Lombok is detected). For Eclipse, see Lombok’s install instructions here.

@sharif It’s really hard to guess what the error there might be. I might try running mvn clean install directly and see if that gets things working.

FTR, we use Travis to run the tests on every merge into master so test failures are very rare and mostly caused by me doing things I shouldn’t.

Ok thanks for that clarification, Actually when i do maven clean install , everything is ok, but i get those errors when i run within eclipse

Is there any more detail available in Eclipse? There’s not much to go on in the pastebin link you posted.

Let me continue to figure out what caused the logs, am seeing unresolved compilation problems but seems its part of eclipse settings, let me try figuring out again

thanks @ibacher the adding of the lombok 1.18 jar in my local maven repository fixed the issue

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