Run openmrs modules for inspection

How do i run openmrs modules in my local host for inspection before I make the required changes?

you can install openmrs sdk from here

@herbert24 does it need the internet connection?

you could first read through the link and get to see how it works

@herbert24 Bro i have tried this command mvn openmrs-sdk:run but when i try to excute it it stops at that point and it doesnt go beyond that.

do you have a running database on your computer?

@herbert24 yes… .am running mysql in the wamp server… could that have an effect?

when i looked through your logs,i saw you couldn’t connect to the database just make sure its started at the process of setting up the sdk

@herbert24 @dkayiwa @reagan @ruhanga mn am still looking for ways fix that but i cant find a way because my mysql is actively working . Could the problem be the version of the mysql am using or some other technical problem is arising somewhere else???

the version is ok,do you have some time we go through the process,or we can do it tomorrow?

@herbert24 i have bro

what the first command are you using too set up sdk and from where,according to the link i sent you?

@herbert24 sorry bro my internet is alittlebit slow but i followed the oder of the commands those for setting up and those for checking the required contents until i reached this command mvn openmrs-sdk:setup

okie its getting late, lets kindly link up tomorrow here at 10am EAT,and we go through the process together

What happened when you got to that command?

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@herbert24 bro i will be here… thanks bro

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