Room Assignment to Patient for Clinical Queue

Requirement is for Clinical Queue , we need to assign room for every patient .My question is - room assignment will be in the registration second page(visit details) or first page .I need a right way and for the kind information i have created the rooms by crating concept .

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Such information should be part of second page only.

Also, its not advisable to model rooms as “concepts”.

Possible Solution

  1. You can define rooms as “Location”. (e.g. under representative department location, or in this case say “OPD” is the parent location and subsequent are rooms under that). Create a tag called “OpdConsultationRoom” and associate this tag to such rooms/locations.
  2. Define a question concept, say “Opd Consultation Room” (type misc) and choose datatype - complex, and handler as LocationObsHandler
  3. Create a Form2 form, with “Opd Consultation Room” as obs Concept. On the left “properties” pane, you will see URL property defined something like


Modify the URL to


  1. Save and publish the form.
  2. You can now add an extension for the registration module to show the new form in the registration second page.

Hope the above helps.


Thank you @angshuonline . I will follow your instruction and will let you know the update soon

Another issue is that is there any way to manage room management I mean If one or two rooms is not used as consultation room for today or a specific time(2pm to 8am). We need to automatically disable those rooms for that time from in the room list in registration second page

There isn’t a OOB way to mark availability especially if you model Rooms as Locations. If you want availability to be dynamic (day and time), then you would need to create a different model.

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Okay. Thank you Dada