Revisiting and filling the TPM position

The TPM role has been empty the past few months and, while myself and community members have taken up some of the responsibilities, we see the need to have someone dedicated to this role full-time.

This was part of our discussion during today’s Operations call and we decided on the following way forward:

  • Review the TPM position description by December 23
  • Integrate feedback next week
  • Advertise the TPM position on January 6-12
  • Set up community conversations with top candidates through January 17

The goal is to have a new TPM by the end of January.

So I encourage you to take 15 minutes and look at the TPM position description, make suggestions, share your comments, and do so by COB Monday, December 23.

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Are we really looking for a PM or TPM? My understanding from today’s conversation is that we are looking for a PM, but if we can get some one who also includes the T, then the better. Did i get this wrong?

sure @jennifer , we were missing out this.

@dkayiwa , looking at the description here , it just impresses on my mind that we are looking for a TPM , the description goes beyond just management , its technical too :grinning: