Reviewing an issue

(Abdelaty Mohammedmagdi) #1

Can anyone please review this issue

I’m working now on it and need help in reviewing it. Thanks.

(Dilantha Silva) #2

@abdelaty I think you are missing some steps mentioned in

(Abdelaty Mohammedmagdi) #3

Thank you @dilantha, I deleted the pull request. can anyone review the ticket and make it ready to work?


@dkayiwa @f4ww4z kindly help us on this

(Daniel Kayiwa) #5

Just made it ready for work as requested.


thanks you @dkayiwa
@abdelaty i guess you are able to proceed now :+1:

(Abdelaty Mohammedmagdi) #7

Yes, thank you so much @dkayiwa @gcliff