Review process for Confluence pages

Even thought the Confluence documentation for Bahmni is quite comprehensive, some sections invite participation (e.g. the Pharmacy user guide) and some details from the introduction videos could be included in Confluence as well.

As novice in respect of Bahmni and health care I am a bit afraid of filling empty pages, improving existing pages or creating new ones. So do you have a review process in place for community contributions to the wiki?

Being the WIKI administrator, I review every page edited – since I get email notifications for every change, and a daily digest of changes. As part of our development cycle, whenever a feature / epic is close to finish, the BA (Business Analysts)/ Devs update the documentation – and QA verify it. But, sometimes the documentation isn’t really good enough for a newbie, or parts get missed. So, when we notice people asking us questions on OpenMRS Talk, we try and use that as a feedback to improve the documentation, and reply to the answer using the Documentation Link. I am monitoring these platforms too.

We are also in process of creating Training Materials for Implementers, and we plan to make those too publicly available very soon. We also try to fill gaps in “writing” by creating videos to help people ramp up.

The folks handling support part-time, like @sravanthi17, also monitor for unclear pieces of documentation via OpenMRS Questions / Support Queries. If they find such issues, they either log a ticket in Mingle, or update the documentation directly.

If you would like to help in documentation, then I would suggest you write up a draft in google drive, or any shareable location, and submit it to us via comment on a Wiki page. You can also add comments directly to Wiki page, if you find some issues with a particular page, and we will follow-up on that. Alternatively, just start an OpenMRS Talk discussion, and based on the answers there, we can convert that to a writeup.

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Sound good. Thank you for this comprehensive reply.