Review OpenMRS conference scholarships

It’s about time to review scholarships for the conference. I need a handful of volunteers from this group to help do the review and selection of recipients. I have no clue as to how it was done in Singapore, but otherwise in the past, we’ve done this by sending around a spreadsheet with applicants name and criteria listed, then having each person on the “scholarship review committee” rank everyone by that - selecting from the aggregate rankings across all committee members. To me that seems most efficient, but people on the committee would need to be pretty responsive getting those spreadsheets returned to me to aggregate. I’m open to other suggestions for how to get this done.

Can you respond here if you are interested in helping out - for a hopefully quick task?


I can review.

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I had some involvement in the selection process last year. Can help review.

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Can the Scholarship applicant also double as a committee member?

Hi @tendomart, I think that’s probably a conflict of interest. @surangak - In the past, I think we’ve always asked people to recuse themselves from the process when they are part of the applicant pool or have any conflicts of interest with the selection process, yes?

I can help review (next week, not this week).

@janflower That is correct :slight_smile:

Hi Jan, I am happy to help review.

Just a heads up that I’ve sent out the review instructions and list of applicants. Please let me know if you did not receive that. The sooner I get the reviews back, the sooner we can notify awardees and get them started on their travel plans. Thanks everyone!


@janflower addressees in particular?