REVIEW: 2016-05-09 Leadership Team Documents

To help better support the OpenMRS Leadership Team weekly notices of documents that are out for review and feedback will be sent out. Please respond to this thread if there is anything else that might help or if there are additional docs that people believe need to be removed.

Week of 5/9 OpenMRS Metric Framework OpenMRS Relationship and Partnership Strategy and Models Open Partnership and Web Endorsement

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Hi everyone.

When we talked yesterday, I promised a more specific iteration of roles/responsibilities by today… but I didn’t recognize on my calendar that I’d have to be in an all day strategic planning retreat for the Regenstrief Institute.

So, I won’t be able to get this out until Monday, which hopefully isn’t an inconvenience for anyone. Look forward to it early next week! :slight_smile:

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@paul can you share the Talk thread link here?

Hi all,

I actually updated the Google doc:(

At the bottom of the page…