Reverting a module release

Hi all,

Due to some recent changes, I wish to re-release the Metadata module(v 2.9). How can I go about reverting a previous release and adding my changes to the module before releasing it again?


cc: @dkayiwa @mogoodrich

Why would you want to revert the previous release instead of just releasing a new version?

The reason being, currently we’re at version 2.9.0 . Which is the same as that of the reference application 2.9. Thus, releasing a 3.0.0 wouldn’t be the best thing in my opinion. Right?

If guess technically, the question should be : How can I update an existing release?

What do you mean by metadata module?

I meant the Reference metadata module

I have rolled back the 2.9.0 version

Awesome @dkayiwa , I’ll make the rest of the changes to the pr and hopefully we can try to get the release done today itself.

Well, it’s already done.

BUT after 2.9.0 you have either 2.9.1 or 2.10.0. Not 3.0.0

THANK YOU @reubenv for the work done & contribution

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@dkayiwa has reverted the module version back to 2.9 so this issue has been solved :slight_smile: