Retrospective data

visitType: Visit Type is required] When I enter visit information through visit Attributes selection from dashboard. I am entering retrospective data so I have chosen a location that is tagged as a visit type and an earlier date.

Ideally I would like the date to be carried into Visit instead of restricting it to just (Observations, Diagnosis, Consultation, Medications - reference -

Thanks, Ashok

Any ideas on this - have several case sheets that have been entered in paper earlier. Moving them to Bahmni the past visits must have the same dates as in paper,

Thanks, Ashok

@ashokraman I don’t quite understand the question. Would you mind trying to clarify with an example, screenshot, or link?

I am extracting from this link -

“It is a useful feature that allows data to be entered into Bahmni that was captured on paper by a doctor or that was missed due to a system/network outage”


“The feature is available only on the following tabs Observations (Forms), Diagnosis, Consultation, Medications”.

We have several thousand paper based case sheets that need to be entered into the Bahmni system with the retrospective dates. We were hoping to use this feature to get both the registration as well as other information via observation forms entered with their earlier/actual dates of visits.

So, is there some way the registration date of the patient can also be in the past?

Thanks for your attention @darius, appreciate any help,


Hi @ashokraman ,

You should be able to do this with CSV upload feature. Using the patient.csv you will be able to specify “Registration Date” (in the past) on which you want to register the patient.
And to upload the visit and encounter information of the patient, you shall be able to do that with encounter_import.csv, where you can specify the visit type and the dates. (in the past).

You can find the steps here. Hope this helps.

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