Retrospective Core Apps Release

Hello all–

We’ve got some work-in-progress functionality going on with the Core apps module that we are working on with @Rafal involving migrating some of the new patient dashboard widgets to use ECMAScript6 and to be built with webpack.

This is coming alone well, but we are still working through some issues, and want to do a new release of the PIH-EMR within the next day or two. If we don’t figure them out in that time, does anyone have issues if we do a new release of Core Apps (1.14.0) based on an older version of the module (we would probably create a 1.14.x branch off a commit from around May 15th) and then upgrade the head to 1.15.0-SNAPSHOT? Alternatively, we could call the release 1.13.1, but I think 1.14.0 is probably more consistent.

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Take care, Mark

A 1.14.0 release makes more sense to me. :slight_smile:

@mogoodrich Makes sense for 1.14.0 release, since the changes are major.

Great, thanks everyone, just did the 1.14.0 release!