Resurrecting OrderDrug Pharmacy Module

Hello community Recently i have been working on this with DHS orgs and i was convinced to bring it back to the community such that we can leverage its use case for future Use since most of the small organisations from India specifically have find it very helpully like DigitalHeathcare Society , DigiHealth organsation and others cc @prapakaran @atiq

What the Module can bring on the Table along side already built Order entry Module

  1. Its a Java fully Based Project which was created about 6 years ago

  2. Basically a Pharmacy Drug order and Medication order Module, It provides all the functionalities of drug order Module order entry of openmrs provides but since our order entry module seems to be over packed, this might serve as another Module to cater for all those functionalities that were dimantled in order entry module like

                        * Discounting of Order Drugs, Printing of medication drug orders etc

3.Cool functionalities that might like

create a drug order
create a medication plan order
edit a drug order
discard/renew a drug order
discard/renew a group of drug orders
discard/renew a set of drug orders that are made for a med plan

I must say that these functionalities were removed from current order entry module for very good reasons which in this case is still a need to some companies

However on the other hand am sure we have moved from different ways how to handle these functionalities and this would be good to point out to the folks which still have with the above functionalities i mentioned above which are nolonger provided by our order entry Owa especially functionalities related with drug orders

  1. Proven documentations with clear guidance on how to use the module GitHub - digitalhealthcaresociety/OpenMRS-DrugOrders-Pharmacy: E-prescription and Pharmacy software system for digitalHealthcare society, They are those folks who have really got intrested in this project so wanted to bring it publically such that we can see how to help them

LIMITATIONS: We already have our order entry module so we would like not to handle duplicates, For this module, it provides those functions that are not in the current order entry module. otherwise thanks to @k.joseph , @dkayiwa , @dkayiwa whom i first consulted but i find it more of importance to publically bring it such that anyone using this module can get help from the community at large .

Would be glad to hear from your suggestions and your help

@k.joseph @dkayiwa @ibacher @bistenes @mksd @ssmusoke


It is always hard to find a one solution that fits all use cases. So if you find this module as the best fit for your requirements, then go for it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @dkayiwa for your response