RESTWS-708: OrderFrequency REST API

Thanks. Until then i will read more on openmrs wiki. I found a lot of usefull documentation that will help me for issue RESTWS 708 . I will not claim it yet until im not sure that i have all knowledge to finish it. :slight_smile:

@fred and/or @andu033 as a prerequisite to the work on RESTWS-708, would you mind expand/rewrite the description? It is not immediately clear to the new reader what’s happening there.

In particular in regards to @wyclif’s remark:

It’s not clear to me what this ticket is requiring, there is an OrderFrequencyResource1_10 and I thought it exposes this feature.

I would suggest to present tickets to be as “ready for work” as possible, so for example provide links to the code base highlighting what’s already there so that it becomes clearer what’s missing or what’s to be changed.

@dev5 I guess it’d be good to adopt a bit of a more formal structure for ticket descriptions. That’s something that we are attempting to enforce in Bahmni, in particular (and maybe at minima) by requiring an acceptance criteria for QA.

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I saw that the Resource exist but the method save is not implemented yet, this is the main problem. I did some research and i found that doesnt exist also the service both interfaces and implementations . And also the configuration for hibernate for this class . So we need to create and these interfaces and write the service and dao implementation for this class to implement the method later on.I will rewrite the issue and provide these instructions if you confirm me that i’m right .

OrderFrequency CRUD operations are provided by OrderService meaning saveOrderFrequency is in OrderDAO