Restrict options in OpenERP.

Dear Team, I would like to know how to restrict a few options for particular users in OpenERP like Internal Moves and Physical Inventories. Kindly help us in this regard.

Thanks and Regards Kannan.J


If you want just remove the menu access from right side that you should make a custom Menu Items. You can duplicate/create/edit previous Menu Item. Just go to Settings-> Technical → User Interface → Menu Items & search your menu (Warehouse) like this:

For accessing Technical User Interface you should click Activate the developer mode in the right upper corner About ERP menu.

Click on Warehouse & Edit this/ create another one like this.

Here in the Submenus tab, These are the right side sub menu. Click on Receive/Deliver By Orders & see the Submenus like bellow: Here you can remove Internal Moves menus from the submenus list & save it. it will remove the menu access. If you duplicate/create new menu, you should create a user group to access the new menu. Create your custom user group like Warehouse / User here in bellow image i create a user group name Warehouse / User test: In menu section you should add your new menu like bellow: you can edit/delete in the the Access Right section for restricting any feature. You should study about access right feature list doing that. I think you got the basic about restricting any menu. you can now do it.

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@rakib.hasan. Thank you so much for the reply, will try this out and let you know if I face any issues. Thanks