restoring/importing database files from one location to another

Hello everyone, i’m trying to restore databases of my openmrs and openerp instances, because my server crashed. i want to transfer it in another installation.

A cron job was configured to automatically backup their databases everyday. For OpenERP, i copied the database dump file (.sql.gz) in /var/lib/pgbackrest For OpenMRS i copied the backup directory and the backup_info.txt files in /data/openmrs

But when i try to use the restore commands on my new install as indicated in this page i have an error with the restore_point option which is not recognized as you see in the image below bahmni restore error

I thought that the backup_info.txt file was the problem, and i replaced the file of my new installion with the file of my old installation, but nothing changed.

Can you help me to solve this ?


Hi @soopafly, the command should be

bahmni -i local restore --restore_type=db --options=openerp --strategy=dump

you missed “–” before restore_point argument.

Thanks a lot! It’s OK now! I hope that this will also help others!