REST Web Services tests failing after recent changes to Core

I noticed that in the PIH bamboo the REST Web Services module build starting failing yesterday with test failures.

I checked the OpenMRS pipeline and REST Web Services was green… but it hadn’t run in two weeks. I manually triggered it, and it’s red, see:

The 2.4 omod module of REST web services is dependent on Core 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT, so it’s likely a change to Core broke the tests. I can’t identify the exact commit because our build only runs nightly, but the build last passed on 19 Jul 2020, 3:40:42 AM (Eastern Daylight Time) and first failed on 21 Jul 2020, 3:41:39 AM (EDT) (not sure why it didn’t run on July 20th), so it’s likely a commit during that time frame that caused the issue.

Also, I’m thinking we should be setting up REST Web Services to build whenever OpenMRS master is built?

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Take care, Mark

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Fixed it at and configured OpenMRS master to trigger the building of the REST Web Services module.

Thanks @mogoodrich for bringing this up!


Great stuff @dkayiwa, as always. Thanks.


Agreed, thanks @dkayiwa!!


The fix might have caused coverage to drop by almost 50%. See

Could be that files needed by the library reporting the coverage to coveralls are overwritten by the execution of the integration tests.

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there is a clean before we run the integration tests. that supports my hunch that we remove info needed for coverage. I removed the clean to see if that fixes it

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removing the clean before running the integration tests did put coverage back to the level we had before

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Thanks @teleivo for following this up!