Resolving issues in reference application

Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie to OpenMRS, so please bear with me.

I am have tried demo system, followed developer documentation and completed other initial requirements to start contributing to OpenMRS. I am trying to work on some issues listed under reference application label. Can somebody tell me how to edit the code for the reference application as i can’t find any major codes in openmrs/openmrs-distro-referenceapplication repository. I know that the reference application is built using the openmrs core along with some modules. Does the above repository handle only bundling the core with the relevant modules and building the package? If i want to resolve an issue in the reference application do I have to setup the openmrs/openmrs-core(or the relevant module) and fix the issue in there or is there anyway to edit the code in openmrs/openmrs-distro-referenceapplication itself to resolve the issue?

Thanks in advance

is just meant for packaging reff app modules into a distribution . To contribute to the reff app , you should identify the exact module where the fix should go , in most cases, added as the component on the ticket.

see all the modules repositories

@mozzy Thanks a lot. Can the modules run independently without the core for development purposes?

I am trying to resolve a bug in a module. As the core and the module are two different repositories can you tell me how can i start the core and debug the module? Do i have to combine them into one IntelliJ project or just add the module only to IntelliJ and debug ?

@kalana I would suggest using the OpenMRS SDK

This allows you to checkout a module, and have it automatically compiled and deployed to a server that is watching the module


Thanks @ssmusoke. I will try using the SDK

Sorry to bother you all again.

I am trying to solve the bug in issue . It lists “Patient Record” as its component. But there is no module called “Patient Record”. So how can i identify the correct module which causes the issue?

@kalana according to this link,i would recommend going for issues whose status is “Read for Work” or “Waiting for Dev” ,secondly the bug is springing from core apps module

Thanks @gcliff i’ll follow your advice. Can you tell me how can i identify the relevant module of the bug?

the fix is to be done in the core apps module

No i mean if i get a different issue, is there a way to identify the module which causes the bug? I am not talking about the mentioned issue

i think you have to always look at the the ticket description and also follow the procedure described on how to reproduce the bug, it normally points out the module


oh alright @gcliff. Thanks