[ RESOLVED ] org.openmrs.module.webservices.rest.web.response.ConversionException thrown

Hello Everyone

Am working on RESTWS-861

ConceptComplex conceptComplex = newConceptComplex();

    String json = "{\"concept\":\""+ conceptComplex.getUuid() +"\"," +
            "\"person\":\"5946f880-b197-400b-9caa-a3c661d23041\"," +
            "\"value\":\""+ valueText +"\",\"status\":\"FINAL\",\"" +

returns this json String

{“concept”:“2a3bdd9f-bd28-444a-a876-dc7ad704fdbf”,“person”:“5946f880-b197-400b-9caa-a3c661d23041”,“value”:“updated text”,“status”:“FINAL”,“obsDatetime”:“2019-09-12T11:11:12.941+0000”,“voided”:true}

but it is failing to handle JSON by throwing this

handle(newPostRequest(getURI() + “/” + existingObs.getUuid(), json));

Any ideas on how to solve this cc @mozzy @dkayiwa @sharif @ibacher

Are all your changes committed?

Not yet just had them locally…Let me close the former and open a new …due to many changes made

committed new PR but somehow managed to resolve the error… thanks

PR here

cc @dkayiwa

can you add a correct link for this

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Oh sorry updated