(Resolved) Newcomers unable to signup for OpenMRS Talk

** Update: Issue Resolved **

Blocker: Newcomers are unable to signup for OpenMRS Talk as of Thursday, 2 March 2017 UTC

The system currently is to create a helpdesk issue and wait for quite a while to get approval for an OpenMRS ID. I’ve had a lot of potential students complain about this issue. I tried creating a new account as well, but the ‘Join The Community’ button on https://id.openmrs.org/ just won’t budge.

This is the reason that we have not had a single new student signup. Compared to previous years’ traffic at OpenMRS, we have had no influx of students on IRC as well as talk. @ivange94 has informed me that the infra team has been overloaded with support tickets for new accounts.

Let’s fix our signup issue and push GSoC@OpenMRS on our social platforms as well.

We’ve discussed the same on the Dev talk today.

cc @darius @burke


Thanks @bholagabbar. It should be working now.


Great! I guess we should close/lock this post now

I will close this topic. If this issue recurs, please let us know again, and also mention @pascal.

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