Reset the password of a user in OpenELIS (lab system)?

How can I reset the password of a user in OpenELIS (I forgot the password)?

One way to change the password of a user is to login as admin (or a user with Administrator privilege), and then go to Administration -> Manage User, and to “Edit” the user, and set a new password.

But, if I am Admin, and I forgot my password, then I can’t login to change password. In that case some DB update might help. Anyone has any ideas?

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The following update query to clinlims database should reset the password of admin user to ‘adminADMIN!’

update login_user set password = ‘n2OrWHXVm/BQsgd1YZJoCA==’ where login_name = ‘admin’;

I have documented this here:

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I used this method, but openelis is still telling me that “Your password has expired. Please contact system administrator”. is there another way ?

Hi @soopafly,

Can you please check this link to change the expiration date of the password.

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Thanks for your help @binduak

It’s OK now! i just modified the password_expired_dt in the login_user table of clinlims database to a future date.

I hope that it will help someone else

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