Reset (GW122) and update Using Test Server document

Hello @r0bby @pascal @ryan @maany,

As per - Release Reference Application modules for 2.4 release

We were planning on having (GW122) reassigned to with a cname with the Help desk #27784. With me being the owner of the box.

But, currently I am unable to access the box either through the browser or through ssh. The box doesn’t seem to be responding to others supposed to have access to it.

Would it be possible to reset the box?

Also, is updated last on May 4th,

Some of the information in that is not current like

As they should be

  • (GW152) - Maurya Kummamuru (OpenMRS Platform 2.0 User Acceptance Testing)
  • (GW122) - Maurya Kummamuru (OpenMRS Reference Application 2.5 User Acceptance Testing)

With constant releases happening, I feel this shouldn’t be the responsibility of infra team and I would like to claim responsibility for updating the information here. Would it be possible to grant me access to update the blog post.

On Desk, you can modify the pages. On WordPress, by all means I will gladly add you as admin and let you handle the release process from that end.

it looks like GW122 is down and has been for awhile…I’ll put a helpdesk case in with XSEDE.

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Go ahead and login to Wordpress and see if you can edit pages – make a small change and then revert it – but something that is easy to revert – dont change something that you can’t revert from.

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gw122 is back up – do you need it wiped?

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No, thank you very much for getting it back up, I am able to log into the server as well. I also edited the page in - using test servers to reflect what we have.

Though, would it be possible to rename the server to instead of This I am asking only to see if we can maintain the naming convention.

Done, uat-refapp points to uat02.


Also, next time makie a helpdesk case so we can track it :slight_smile:

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