Research on health management systems

Hi all,

I am with a company called Newlogic, based in Southeast Asia. We are currently working with a UN agency to research and compare different health management/information capturing tools suitable for their humanitarian projects in rural areas.

The focus of this research is:

  • The applications’ ability to create complex forms
  • Usability of the forms for health workers
  • Offline capabilities
  • Data safety, security, and privacy

We would need your assistance to answer a couple of questions. If there is someone with a strong technical knowledge of the solution who would be available for a call to give us some insights, please let me know in this forum and we can arrange a meeting.

Thank you for your help! Raphael

Am available to help you take this forward. :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel, thank you very much already. which timezone are you in and when would be a good time for you next week?

My time zone is GMT + 3 but am a bit flexible. Feel free to suggest what works for you. Just in case, am available even now.

Great, I will schedule a meeting for mid next week when our architect is back. Could you send me a email address for the meeting invite please?

The same as my OpenMRS ID ending with ■■■■■■■■■■■■