Requirements for versions of OpenMRS


Version 1.9.2/ 1.11.5/ 1.11.x/ 2.x

Hi everyone, I am new to the OpenMRS world, and I would like to improve my Skills on this system (installation, development and others), the first difficulty I encounter at the moment is to understand the specifications for each version of OpenMRS mentioned above. For example: to install OpenMRS version 1.9.2 what are the requirements of Hardware, RAM, Tomcat version, JAVA version, and version of MySQL.

I think this is the first step to understand before moving on, and the official OpenMRS website has unclear information :confused:. Can someone please help me? Best regards!:pray:

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Sorry about it. When I look at the release notes those requirements are missing and we promise to work on them. Do you mind trying higher versions, they have new features which are in cooperated on those old versions and am sure you will like them.

Eduardo you may also want to look at

I’ve not taken time to experiment with this as I’ve always used OpenMRS on multicore machines with at least 2.3GHz of processor speed.

But during development, I’ve realized machines with less than 8GB of RAM turn to be very slow when running IDEs like eclipse and InteliJ in debug mode. I’ve had best experience with development on a quad core machines with 16GB of RAM.

As for tomcat, I have installed OpenMRS 1.x and 2.x on both Tomcat 7 and Tomcat 8 and they worked flawlessly.

OpenMRS SDK used to have issues with MySQL 5.7 but that seems to have been fixed as I’m running the sdk now with MySQL 5.7. But I’ve only run OpenMRS 2.x on MySQL 5.7. I’m not sure how OpenMRS 1.x will behave on MySQL 5.7 but it works fine on 5.6.

Any version of OpenMRS from 2.0 should be run on Java 8. OpenMRS versions below 2.0 can be run on Java 6 or 7.


Many thanks @ivange94 , I found something useful here.