Requirement to hide patient name

Hello everyone, We have a use case where we need to hide the patient name in all modules of Bahmni. As we do not want to capture patient name considering the sensitivity of the use case. Can you please share any suggestions on how to implement it?


Vinisha and Rajeswari

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Interesting. we have something relevant for that in 0.93 timeline for patient confidentiality (although thats for anonymisation).

So if I understand this right

  • You DO NOT want to capture patient name - however Name is mandatory for the patient model.

This is different from requirements in other context

  • Capture the name
  • But don’t show name in certain context and/or limit search
  • or anonymise the name completely

For your objective, I think only thing I can think about (without changes to OpenMRS core), is some configuration which will randomise the name parts right at the time of registration! Hopefully, you have other means (like given Identifier) to follow up for the patient.

Hi Angshu,

Thanks for your quick reply. We have done our analysis we thought it could be achieved through

  1. While making post/put call for registered user, we will write some groovy script to pass default patient name (i.e patient identifier we can pass as patient name) instead of manual entry of name.

  2. Come up with flag in config, based on that flag we toggle the patient name display in all .html files

Please let us know what do you think about this approach.


Rajeswari & Vinisha