Required tag for obsgroup in HTML form entry

How can i set a required tag for multiselect (obsgroup) in HTML form entry to ensure user has atleast selected one checkbox.

@mogoodrich, @arbaughj, @ssmusoke is this currently implemented?

It may not be.

@haris01 to be clear, what tag (or set of tags) are you currently using?


@mogoodrich like we use required tag in obs to ensure user fills particular field. Similarly i am searching for a tag i can use with obsgroup to ensure user atleast checked one checkbox for multiselect. Is this functionality currently implemented?

If I understand it, you have 2 or more obs that are checkboxes, and you’ve wrapped them in an obsgroup tag (to store them in an obsgroup) and you want to know if you can put a “required” on the obsgroup to ensure the use entered data for one of those obs?

No, unfortunately, I don’t think that functionality exists, but you may be able to write some javascript to come up with an approximation of that functionality.

Hope that helps some… take care! Mark

@mogoodrich Hi Mark, do we still have no option for this?