requireConfiguration Tag does not work properly

OpenMRS Version: 1.11.4

Module: openmrs-module-radiology

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am currently experiencing an issue when using the “requireConfiguration” Tag. The intetion of the tag is to redirect the user to a different page when a specific property is not configured. The redirection part works great. But the downside is, I do not get the WebConstants.OPENMRS_ERROR_ATTR Attribute displayed, which informs the user, why the redirection happened.

See the Tag:

This is my current branch:

Any suggestion, why this could happen?

If one wants to try this out, which exact url should they access to reproduce?

Hi Daniel!

Thank you so much for your response! The Url is: http://localhost:8080/openmrs/module/radiology/radiologyOrder.form

I have just tried this out by simply pasting this line in one of the jps in my module:

Clicking on the link which loads this jsp shows the settings page with the error message: “All configuration parameters must be specified prior to using this module”.

Sounds fine! Thank you for trying. What was your testing environment (OpenMRS Version + Module)?

OpenMRS platform 2.0 and xforms module.