Requesting suggestions OWA Boilerplate

Hello Everyone,

We are new to the OpenMRS community. We are creating a boilerplate for OpenMRS OWA applications (upon which we are going to create new OpenMRS OWAs). It can be found here.

Kindly provide your suggestions to improve the same.

Thanks @rrameshbtech for the great work! :slight_smile:

Do you mind helping me understand the relationship between this work and what is discussed here? Yeoman Generator for OWAs

Hi @dkayiwa,

We have explored the Yeoman Generator for OWAs also before starting this boilerplate.

Few reasons, we have created a new one was:

  • Few libraries used was very old and outdated. e.g, React, redux, webpack, eslint and babel
  • It doesn’t include a OpenMRS runtime, we wanted to create a quick development environment.
  • Doesn’t include example of consuming APIs from OpenMRS

List of supported features in the boilerplate code are.

  • Inbuilt OpenMRS Runtime with reference application - Using Docker images
  • Based on OpenMRS style guide @openmrs/style-referenceapplication (we are planning to move to the latest style guide)
  • Includes an example on consuming OpenMRS backend APIs
  • Dependabot is configured to keep the repository up to date with the dependencies.
  • Support for PWA with all best practices recommended by lighthouse
  • Scaffold basic OWA folder structure and files
  • With sample unit tests and end to end tests

Tech Stack

  • Frontend: React
  • Linting - ESLint, Prettier, StyleLint
  • Packaging & Bundling - WebPack, Babel, PostCSS
  • Progressive Web Application - Workbox
  • Unit Testing - Jest, enzyme
  • E2E Testing - Cypress

Oh i see. Thanks for the great work and please keep sharing your progress! :slight_smile: