Requesting Module Repo under OpenMRS organization

I am working on Mora MetaData Management in Admin UI project and developing Open Web Apps for some admin functionalities. Now I am working on Module Management and finished this following functionality at there.

  1. List all the Installed Modules (Completed)
  2. Show all the Installed Module’s Details (Completed)
  3. Upload New Modules and start (Completed)
  4. Search Modules from Online Module Repo (Under Development)

At the end of the Project, I am going to combine some of these OWA projects as a single OWA (Eg : openmrs-owa-sysadmin)

So Now, I am requesting openmrs-owa-admin-module repo under OpenMRS Organization to move forward. My GitHub username : suthagar23 Module Repo :

/cc @dkayiwa @wyclif

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Good progress! I would rename openmrs-owa-admin-module to openmrs-owa-admin

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Thank you @wyclif. I agreed with that openmrs-owa-admin or openmrs-owa-sysadmin :slight_smile:

Yes i would also drop “module” from the name.

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I am doing with my personal GitHub account. You can check the updated repo here. Shall we move to create repo under OpenMRS Organization?

@wyclif, and of course others, what do you think of “openmrs-owa-admin” vs “openmrs-owa-sysadmin”

openmrs-owa-admin : Here there is a problem with admin keyword. Mostly we are using admin to indicate the main user of the system and It does not illustrate as a module name directly. So It’s hard to identify the admin keyword as Module Name :joy:

But if we think about openmrs-owa-sysadmin : Here sysadmin will illustrate in a different manner. It will perfectly illustrate the System Administration.

Fair enough! Will go with that if no body objects by tomorrow. :slight_smile:

openmrs-owa-sysadmin sounds fine to me

Actually, my suggestion is that you start this work in your own github repo, and once it reaches a certain level of maturity, then you move it to OpenMRS’s github. (And this should be standard practice with most GSoC and other projects where you don’t actively have devs from multiple OpenMRS partners/implementations collaborating…)

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