Requesting Input for Release Manager Selection Process

Until now we have not had a formal process for selecting a release manager and it happened ad-hoc. Our release process has been evolving continuously and the interest to be a release manager has been growing. For being the release manager of Reference Application 2.5 the interest has grown enough for us to think about a selection process and criteria. Kudos to the community! :heart::tada::confetti_ball:

I have created a basic process/criteria in our release process page. Anyone with an input for this please respond to this talk post for it to make it as transparent as possible for selecting a Release Manager for each release.

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I should really put this in the criteria document, however the release process is quite involved and requires significant time commitment in bursts. My input is to have a way of determining that the selected release candidate can demonstrably put in the necessary (time) commitment.

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Thanks for the input @jdegraft. I do agree with your comment. I added it as a note in the wiki for prospective release manager volunteers :slight_smile: