Requesting for guidance to handle RA-1758

Hello i need some guidance on how i can solve this issue under this ticket. here is the link to the ticket [RA-1758] Text box under the radio buttons/checkboxes on "Add new allergy" page is enabled even when "Other" option is not selected - OpenMRS Issues .do i need to fix the directive in the template or fix the function. i am stack. @pcieszko

First thing first, reproduce the error on your local server.

  • Clone the repo for the module you are making changes on.
  • Navigate to the module folder and run mvn openmrs-sdk:watch to be able to watch the changes
  • Select the server you are to watch the module from.
  • Then run mvn openmrs-sdk:run as you make the changes.
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Thank you. let me try that out

should i clone after forking the repo module before?

You clone from your fork. In other words you first fork the project then clone from your fork.

Thanks a lot

I get that error. how can i resolve it?

Kindly share the entire error log using pastebin.

alright. i will share after learning how to use pastebin. i have never used it before.

The is always a first time of everything you don’t have to worry! Could this be of help? How to use Pastebin to Share Text - YouTube

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thank you alot

Here is the link Ticket RA-1758 -

After cloning the project did you run mvn clean install on the master branch to confirm the branch builds successfully before running `mvn openmrs-sdk:watch on your branch?

No, i didn’t. could you please share all the required steps ad i try out again? i could be missing some commands

After cloning, ensure the project builds successfully by running mvn clean install followed by the following command

git remote -v (to view the names (e.g., origin ) and the URLs of the remote connections)

git remote add upstream** to add the upstream just incase its doesn’t exist after running git remote -v

git checkout -b to switch to your branch

mvn openmrs-sdk:run

Note: This above commands applies to the condition where the build is successful after running mvn clean install just incase the build throws an error first share the error with the community before proceeding.

Thank you for the details. let me try this out. I will let you know about the results. I was missing a lot of commands. thanks a lot

Oops! :man_facepalming:got an error after running mvn clean install. You can view it here :point_right:Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18363.628](c) 2019 Microsoft Corporation. All -

@reganmakanga kindly am in the middle of a bug fix which may take 2hrs. Just incase you haven’t got a solution after that time we can jump on a call if its with you.

@reganmakanga are you available?

No solution yet. Are you through with the bug fix? @jwnasambu I am available, we can have a call