Request to migrate the Built-in-repoets repository


I’m working on Built-in reports module project through this year GSoC.

I would like to request for transfer the repo source code from Jude’s repository to a OpenMRS repository.

It would be easy for me and @raff to continue the progress through this summer. Please do the needful to move this repository.

More we want a project in JIRA for this project. How can I create a project inside the JIRA?

Cc : @raff @k.joseph @judeniroshan

Thanks, sumangala.



Could I get any information regarding this request? Please feel free to contact me if any further information needed for this migration.

CC : @raff @dkayiwa

Do you want to maintain the same repository name?

I feel, Good to have openmrs-owa-builtinreports as the name instead of openmrs-owa-built-in-reports.

I can see most of the repository names under the Openmrs like this format(without Hyphe in their name part of the repository) :slight_smile:

CC : @raff

Here it is:

Thank you so much @dkayiwa for the help to migrate this repository.