Request openhmis.inventory mod to be linked to openmrs bintray repo


Here is a link to our updated module on bintray.



Am I doing this right?


CC: @darius @ball

Am assuming you went through this already:

cc @raff

Yes I did. Though I couldn’t get the REST service to upload just the omod, it is uploading all files. I winded up uploading the omod manually.

I want to link our modules on openmrs bintray to our account just so, when we do a release it’s reflected on the openmrs bintray (and addons).


@dkayiwa, our process for this is documented here:

@darius the link is broken.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to perform a release for any of our modules since deploying doesn’t work :worried:

@insiderish, sorry that link was intended for Daniel, to point to where the process is for linking an artifact that you have deployed to bintray over to OpenMRS’s account. I guess it shows up as a 404 if you don’t have permission on the internal infrastructure team wiki.

So, I linked the Banda repo to the OpenMRS account, but there’s an issue that I think we’re running into for the first time…your previous releases were already in OpenMRS’s bintray, from when we migrated all the modulus content over. So now if you look here you see two results: The first one has your releases up to 2.4.0, and the second has your new 2.4.1 release.

I’m not sure what exactly the next step should be here, and I’m copying @raff who might have some advice on this.

One option would be for you to upload some or all of the old releases to your own repo, and then we delete the OpenMRS one and just link to yours. But I want to verify that this actually allows us to index this properly in before actually recommending it.

Another option is that surely someone on your team should be a high enough developer stage to have access to OpenMRS’s bintray repo, and you could just use the existing repo there.

(I’m going to be on vacation for a few weeks so I won’t be able to follow up.)

(I did one quick experiment after posting that and I see that the REST API does allow us to find this via the OpenMRS org, in other words this works (and therefore addons should be fine indexing it from your repo as long as it’s linked to openmrs):


@darius i have just created a bintray account. So am not yet a member of the OpenMRS organization. :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch for taking time to look into this in detail. And like you noted, searching openhmis.inventory yields two results, openhmis.inventory and openhmis.inventory-bandahealth.

I’d much rather prefer uploading the omods directly on OpenMRS’s bintray repo. I’ll follow up on that.

Thanks again and enjoy your vacations!