Request for Push Access to Data Integrity Module

Hi @burke,

Please can you provide me with push access to the Data Integrity Module - have been working with @dkayiwa on changes

How can I get access to be able to publish the module to the Nexus Repository?


Hey @ssmusoke Can you create a HelpDesk case for this as that would be safer to discuss any sensitive details? :slight_smile: Thanks

@ssmusoke, your correct to ask here for repo access. The help desk would probably refer you here. :smiley:

Please write to helpdesk, including your openmrs ID and github ID, referring to this topic, and stating that you have @dkayiwa & @burke’s support your promotion to /dev/2. That should give you the access you need to push to the Data Integrity Module. Be sure that you’ve reviewed the GitHub Code of Conduct page.

In the same email, you can ask them about access to publishing to Nexus.

Thanks for you help!


-Burke :burke:


@maany @burke looks like I got the promotion but still no write access to the GitHub repo - no response from Helpdesk yet any way you can help

@ssmusoke congrats!! :smiley: I will get it done. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @maany