Request for proposals

Request for proposal

Care 2 Communities is searching for a highly-qualified US based development team/firm/vendor/consultant/contractor possessing the technical knowledge and skills necessary to build core features in open source software such as OpenMRS/Bahmni, and extending these systems to meet specific implementation needs.

Organization profile

Care 2 Communities operates a network of primary care clinics in the north of Haiti. Each clinic functions as a community business, managed by local staff and clinicians, working within the larger healthcare ecosystem to demonstrate that access to basic care, prevention education, and community support can be transformative and can save lives.

Project description

C2C seeks a software development team/firm/vendor/consultant/contractor to configure and develop crucial components of an EMR system on an open source platform such as OpenMRS/Bahmni. The team/firm/vendor will need to :

  • Replace our existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system with a new EMR system based on an open source platform (OpenMRS/Bahnmi).
  • Migrate patient records from the existing system database to the new EMR system.
  • Deploy standalone EMR servers in each clinic location. Clinic staff will access the EMR locally at each site through a Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Local EMR servers should work offline and be able to backup data to cloud storage servers and databases. C2C administrative staff will need to be able to summarize patient data across all clinics and create administrative reports.
  • Develop new EMR modules and/or integrate existing EMR modules to complement our patient flow: registration, consultation, pharmacy, and laboratory. In addition, modules will be able to act as a Point of Sales system (POS) to create patient billing and reporting, laboratory information system (LIS) to track lab orders and results, a live Inventory Management to track drug and supply inventory and costs, and a Pharmacy module to record pharmacy prescriptions.
  • Integrate patient data collected during home visits by Community Health Workers (CHW) using mobile data collection systems (Commcare) and merging that data with the patientā€™s main medical records.
  • Create automatic daily, weekly and monthly reports that can be built directly from patient data with the EMR system.
  • Oversee implementation of the new system at al clinics locations, provide training to C2C staff members and provide ongoing support to troubleshoot and to fix problems that might come up.

Please keep in mind that all project elements will be discussed in detail at the start of the project and might change according to the organizationā€™s needs.

Required qualifications

5+ years of experience in configuring and deploying EMRs or large IT systems

5+ years of experience in professional software development

Experience developing and working with OpenMRS

Experience supporting customers in their use of a software system of importance for their company

  • Technical expertise in several of the following technologies, in order of importance:
    1. Java/J2EE web application development, including Spring and Hibernate
    2. ReactJS web application development
    3. Linux, Git, Docker, Puppet, Ansible, Vagrant, and related DevOps/deployment tools
    4. SQL and NoSQL database scripting, optimization and troubleshooting
    5. Other advanced Javascript frameworks (Angular, Vue, etc)
  • Experience with any of the following desired:
    1. Global Health information systems - OpenMRS, DHIS2, CommCare, etc
    2. Open source software development
    3. Modern data processing, indexing, and ETL tools and solutions
    4. Building and consuming RESTful web services
    5. Test-Driven and Behavior-Driven Development.
    6. Design patterns and best practices.

Proficient in JSON, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Groovy and other scripting languages

Deep know-how in deployment, troubleshooting, and maintenance of servers such as Tomcat and Apache

Demonstrated knowledge of web applications and database is a must

Experience working on various Linux distributions including CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu

Experience with virtualization platforms, e.g. Docker

Skilled in setting up and using helpdesk tools such as Nagios for server monitoring

Application and eligibility

Preference will be given to contractors (firms) due to the need for multiple skillā€sets and a short timeline. Individual consultants are also eligible to apply. Interested applicants should provide:

  1. A summary of relevant past performance including one letter of recommendation or reference;

  2. A technical proposal detailing the proposed approach to answer to project needs;

  3. A high-level cost proposal including development fees, server fees, and ongoing support fees

  4. A timeline proposal of different project steps

Please submit applications to Catherine Guillou-Ouellette, director of monitoring and evaluation at Care 2 Communities (, by 5 pm EST on Friday, March 29th, 2018.


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