Request for new repository for OpenMRS Legacy UI

Hi :smiley:

As a part of Legacy UI project of GSoC 2015, we will need a repository to which legacy user interface of OpenMRS will be migrated to.

The repository on my github which has a few functions migrated is here Repository name: openmrs-module-legacyui Path: (Request to migrate the module repository under the core repository)

Respective core branch: Legacy UI removed from core (Requesting a branch which I will be working on to rip out the Legacy UI from core)

Let me know if anything further has to be done :slight_smile: Thank you

@tharunya, sorry for the delay in responding. We seems to have lost our way a bit in the conversion from using a group email ( to using this category in OpenMRS Talk and lost sight of who is managing our repositories. Myself believing it is the job of our /dev/5s and other thinking it’s up to the help desk. So, I’ll start another thread to try to get us better organized. :smile:

I have invited you temporarily to our “Transfer team”, which should give you permissions to transfer the repository. I would suggest pruning the “legacyui” branch from your repository and then migrating it to the OpenMRS org.

Please let us know (i.e., reply here) once the migration is complete.

Cheers, -Burke :burke:

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Perfect, I’m glad to have this opportunity! :smiley:

I will transfer the repo in the next couple of hours. Looking out for how to do it.

As per my understanding, the [legacyui branch of openmrs-core][1] and the [master branch of openmrs-module-legacyui][2] have to be moved to the OpenMRS org - if I got it right! :slight_smile:

Also, yes I will post here once I complete the task :thumbsup: Thank you. [1]: [2]:

Hey @burke,

Posting here since migration is done

I think @michael coordinated and @ryan did the transfer for me since github changed its privacy.

Thank you all :slight_smile:

This was a bit of a hack. It seems GitHub hasn’t fully built out all the tools for transferring repos under their new permission scheme.