Request for new repositories for Sync 2 module and atomfeed

Hi, the SolDevelo team started work with the new Sync 2 module. According to Sync 2.0 Planning discussion, we would like to ask for creating new repositories for sync2 and atom feed.


Developers which will be contributors: @pkornowski, @alalo, @dserkowski



Edit:: Changed name of atomfeed module.

Shouldn’t this be ?

Yes, it should be I apologize for this mistake.

Hi, may someone create these repositories?

Thanks in advance, Przemyslaw

@pkornowski do you have any repositories that are not yet created?


Yes, both of these aren’t created yet:

Temporary we push changes to my GitHub repositories.

Sorry for the delay. Am not getting talk notifications because Discourse has a problem. Just created them.

Thank you, Daniel!