request for new repo for openmrs-module-radiology-legacyui

Continuing the discussion from radiology module: extract legacy-ui into own module:

Dear repo management team,

could you please create

so I can extract the legacyui part from into it.

I (github user: teleivo) would therefore also need merge access to this repo.

Thanks a lot!

@teleivo, we’re trying to move (in a not-so-coordinated way) away from the model where all useful code is expected to live in the openmrs github account.

I would suggest you go ahead and create this repo yourself under teleivo, and if at some future point there’s a reason to move it under openmrs, we’ll move it there.

@burke, I think it’s worth us writing down some guidance about this. Any thoughts as to what’s the right wiki page?

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Sure, no problem.

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I’ve updated the Code Repositories page to reflect this convention. Still needs some work to make it clearer. For example, it’d be nice to have a “getting started” recipe that guides people through our repository naming conventions, using MPL2+HD (or any OSI-approved license),,, etc.