Request for my module to be included in the openmrs omod repo

am a new learning openmrs developer , and i have created a module called “facelist” which uploads images to add patients faces . It registers each image uploaded in the database using the patient id , in a table called " facelist_multipart", and then it returns and displays all the faces uploaded in a jquery table with the corresponding Patient name and id. the module has extension links both on the admin page and on the patientDashbord. i used a Jquery Validator API to make sure one cant upload an empty image or to a null patient, the images are saved in the openmrs-Application-Data Directory in a folder called “Face_images”. the module source code can be found here on my github account

and the omod file can be found here on on my bintray account

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@mozzy can you make your neat ?

thx young SIR @tendomart, surely let me make it more neat

@mozzy are you asking for this to be listed in ? If so, you would request this via a pull request on github. See these links:

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thx @darius. i already made that pull request at

just that as part of the instructions i read from a doc @dkayiwa refered to me , i also had to make a public request from the talk