Request for JIRA access

I request the admins to give access to OpenMRS issues JIRA page as i have to post the issues of the OpenMRS reference application for GCI task. Thanks!

I hope that the admins would help you out @suthagar23 @lana @mavrk @prabodhk @f4ww4z @haripriya @kdaud

Have you created a case for that?

Hey @khushiwalia Follow this link and create a case at OpenMRS help desk and you will be granted access to Jira.
cc: @jwnasambu

I request the admins and the authorities to give me access to the OpenMRS Issues JIRA page as I have to submit the issues for my GCI Task[Find and report 2 bugs/issues of the OpenMRS Ref Application]. Thanks!!!

Hii @robokrrish, please go through this link to get access to jira. It may take anywhere from few hours to a day depending at what time you submit the case.

All the best for your task :smiley:

Let us know your status on this. Did you request through help-desk and got it?

I created the case but got no response. I created a case two days ago. Plz tell me what should I do???

Sorry for the delay! you had permission already. Your issue was worked on 2 days ago. Kindly check your email to confirm the message you received from help desk.

cc @suthagar23

I have worked on his issue already! He is able to access the jira/wiki.
cc @khushiwalia

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@robokrrish Just a follow up! was your issue sorted out?

Yes my issue was sorted

Thanks for the feedback. I was almost organizing for a video conference with you to see what could be the problem but am glad the issue is sorted out.


well done on this julie