Request for Comment: New Volunteer Guide

In anticipation of tomorrow’s call, I’ve revised a Wiki page that seemed to be a stab at an early volunteer guide. This is a very rough draft, and I’ve marked it as such, but this is the overall structure at present, with as many of the content links as I could add. The content will definitely need work, as a lot of those sentences are placeholders, but I am looking forward to feedback about what is there!

Also, this page links twice to Rainbow’s documentation, in Setup Tools and How to Contribute, to help the two documents work together.

See everyone at the meeting!


@madhens looks great! And thanks for linking to the pages that I am working on. :blush: I think it would be great to show the links to community calendars as suggested by @grace in my draft. See the text in pink.

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Here is a link to a version of the page on Google Docs so people can leave comments:

About OpenMRS

(Short, dynamic paragraph about the organization, focused on the community and their crucial role in both building it in the past and leading it into the future.)

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I got a chance of reading the draft on the wiki and I must admit you have done an excellent job I will share my observations on the google doc later. Once again! congratulations for this far.


@madhens well done on this,i added a few comments on the google doc

Thank you so much, Juliet!

Thanks, Herbert! I got your comments and I agree, Setup Tools (which I shamelessly borrowed from People Powered) should be changed to a better name!

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Great work Monica


New draft of the Volunteer Guide is done, with embedded Gliffy and an embedded meeting calendar, so new volunteers can easily see what teams and squads are meeting that week and when! The new video isn’t embedded, since the specific macro doesn’t handle videos on Google Drive well. If the video can be uploaded to YouTube, however, it should embed just fine. Thank you all for your feedback, and the next major stage is helping teams and squads with their specific info for new volunteers, as well as developing the Community Leadership Guide (aka, the guide for existing volunteers who have been here a while and want to challenge themselves and help the community in a different way).


thanks monica for all the works!!