Request for access to openmrs-sdk github repo

Hello everyone!

My name is Dmytro Trifonov, this summer I worked on OpenMRS SDK 2 during the Google Summer of Code program. I plan to continue work on SDK, and also make SDK (Maven plugin) releases, but I need access to OpenMRS Github repo for this (Here is the link: Can anyone help me with it?

My github username: diospark.

Best wishes, Dmytro.


@maany – I added @dmytro_trifonov to the /dev/3 on GitHub, which should give him the access he needs. I’m not sure of the “right” way to do this yet, so just letting you know.

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Hi @dmytro_trifonov It’s great to see you continuing to contribute to your GSoC project. Could you create a HelpDesk case for logging the process :smiley: