Request for a design call to showcase Order Sets


We (Bahmni) have been working on Order Sets and would like to show-case our work. @jthomas Can we have a design call scheduled for the same.



Adding @jteich to the conversation.

Hi @akhilmalhotra,

It would be great to have a show-case on your Order Sets work. Would Monday, November 16 @ 4-5pm UTC work with your schedule?

(Works for me if it works for Akhil and others.)

Perfect for me, @vinkesh and @shruthidipali too. Thanks @jthomas .

I’d love to see it or a recording!

At first thought this seems more timely than most other things on our design calls.

Could we consider having this on Oct 26 (and bump Reporting REST for later) or Nov 2 (not sure what we have that day)?

Thanks for the suggestion @darius. The topic for 11/2 is moving provider types into core. @akhilmalhotra would 10/26 or 11/2 work for your group? If so I can check to see if we can switch dates.

@jthomas Nov 16 works out better for us as all three of us will be available.

Ok I leave you on the schedule for Monday, November 16 @ 4-5pm UTC then.

Thanks. :smile: