Request a new repo for OpenMRS 2.x SDK maven plugin

Hi! I am working on a “OpenMRS 2.x SDK” project during the Google Summer of Code program. In this project I need a repository for Maven plugin, that we will implement. Can anyone create this repository? Repository name: ‘openmrs-contrib-sdk-maven-plugin’. (full path will be:



I have no idea what you plan to do, but we already do have a few repositories for maven plugins, for example:

Can it be part of the same repository?

Anyway, if you need help feel free to ping me.

No, it will be plugin for other features, so it must be new repo. Can you create a repo with name that I propose?

The name looks fine. Thanks @Cintia for going ahead to create the repository. :slight_smile:

@dmytro, the repository has been created. :slight_smile: