Reposted: OpenMRS Project Manager for ICAP in Mozambique

The OpenMRS Project Manager will be responsible of 2 distinct projects: 1) project Nº1 – Electronic Patient tracking System (EPTS) migration for ICAP Mozambique; 2) Project Nº2: design and coordinate the new PMTCT module for the OpenMRS system for the OpenMRS Mozambique working group. The project Manager will be under the supervision of ICAP’s Strategic Information Unit manager and will receive direct technical assistance from the ICAP M&A sub-unit manager and will supervise and mentor the work of both the e/mHealth officer and the database developer. The OpenMRS project manager will participate in the OpenMRS Mozambique workshops and meetings, contributing ideas and lessons learned for the better good of the health information systems community in Mozambique. The project manager will collaborate with OpenMRS Mozambique working group and other USG Partners to design and develop the Prevention of Mother to Child (PMTCT) module of the OpenMRS.

Location: Maputo with up to 50% of site level supervisions and field visits to Provinces. This position is grant funded.

Full Position Details can be found here:

Please send an application letter and CV by email with a subject title “Project Manager for OpenMRS implementation” to


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