Reporting REST conversion exception

Module: openmrs-module-reportingrest

Module Version: 1.12.0

Issue or Question: I’m getting a conversion exception when I try to get the report data. I first issue a


to get the UUID of the report I want to get. In my case I want to get the:

"uuid": "e451a9d6-4881-11e7-a919-92ebcb67fe33",
"display": "List of New Patient Registrations",
 "links": [
         "rel": "self",
         "uri": "",
         "resourceAlias": "reportDefinition"

List of new patients, so after I have the UUID from the response I try to get the report data issuing a request with the uuid and the dateStart parameters:


Then I get an exception of the conversion with the message: Request processing failed; nested exception is converting class org.openmrs.module.reporting.dataset.SimpleDataSet to

Full exception in:

I don’t understand what is happening, as in the web interface everything works fine.

Thank you in advance.


Which version of the reportingrest module are you using?

I have just seen in your post that you are not using the latest version of the reportingrest module. This was reported and fixed here: [REPORT-879] Remove "class" property from Reporting Rest BaseDefinitionResource - OpenMRS Issues

So just use any version of the module from 1.13 and above.


updated to version 1.14 and it correctly runs.

I’m sorry to report this already solved error. The system administrator installed the 1.12 version for me and I was not aware of the newest version. Before installing the 1.14 version I checked for updates in the module management area of the administrative interface and the 1.14 update did not appeared.

Check this, please.

Thank you again for your help.

This looks like a bug and i have been able to reproduce it. Can you create a ticket for it?