Reporting Module - Navigating Relationships From One Patient to Another

I am currently working on a report for infants where I need to get the mother’s name and mother’s phone number (a person attribute).

I am looking for examples of where this is done as I am not sure how to get the two different data definitions

@ssmusoke, there is nothing built in that will support this out of the box that I know of. You’d likely need to create new data definitions to support this, or use one of the more general-purpose built-in scription solutions (eg. SQL data definition).

@mseaton I think I would go for a new general purpose data definition - any suggestions on name and what to expect from it?

@ssmusoke, I’m open to suggestions :slight_smile: It’s possible that this could be achieved by adding additional configuration properties to the RelationshipsForPersonDataDefinition, or it could be a new definition.

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I used this to get the name of the mother displayed on the html form, check if it can be of any use

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