Reporting module error on RefApp 2.12

Steps to reproduce the error on the QA server:

  1. At the Report Administration page, add a new “Data Set Definition” of the type SQL Dataset

  2. Add a simple sql query:

    select given_name from person_name;

  3. Click on preview & 500 (server error) is seen

And on my installion which has a similar config as the QA server, a slightly different error is seen:

Please take a look! Thanks!

Which version of the reporting module are you running? [REPORT-886] liquibase.util.StringUtils does not exist on platform 2.6 - OpenMRS Issues

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I’ve been using the 1.23.0 version of the reporting module (that got shipped with RefApp 2.12). Also, I’m on core 2.5.8

To incorporate the commit you are referring to, probably I should now install the latest snapshot

@dkayiwa Thanks for the inputs!

I’m now on the latest snapshot of the reporting module…

The old error has been sorted but a new error has now surfaced

It would help to share the exact query that you are using.

Very sorry! In my eagerness to sort things out quickly, I must have messed something up in the second attempt.

Things are working fine now & I really appreciate the prompt help @dkayiwa !