reporting module config.xml version wrong?


says config.xml version

1.6 Added conditionalResources element

the reporting module config.xml version is currently on

<module configVersion="1.4">

although it uses conditionalResources

Is this wrong and should be updated?

Probably wrong, and so probably yes.

I would expect that many modules may have this issue. If it was never being checked, I bet it’s common to add something new to a module config (especially conditionalResources) and forget to change the configVersion.

thanks! I created an issue

Is this also because we dont always add a DOCTYPE to the config.xml pointing to the xml definition files? This way I assume we would at least see that we are adding some element in the xml that is not there in the version we currently refer to.

Regarding those DTD, do you know where can I find config.xml dtds on